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I'm John and I live in beautiful Pensacola Florida. My wife and I moved here two year ago from Ohio and we've never looked back. I've been smoking weed for about 17 years now.

I have a bachelors degree in History from Ohio University. I also have an associate in applied studies degree from Ohio University for Deaf Studies and Interpreting. I'm a US Army combat veteran, former SSG - Infantryman 11M and CI Agent 97.

We have three dogs and three cats.

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Name the strain...

Who the fuck wants responsibilities these days? Not me...

Oh Hell yeah, a doobie AT4.

My next birthday cake...

Weed is bad for you.

Fuck Corona, smoke the ganja!

Yes, when I'm high I do :)

John - SmokeyMcDuff
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OMG yes!

Got my Saturday night planned. It's called:  Bubble Gum

Don't disturb, weed crossing...

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OMG yes!
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Me me me me me
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Shakespear is my dude!
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We need your support
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  •  · I have the medical card, but I also support recreational use.
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Quarter Pounders with CHEESE!
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